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Web site

We specialize ...

... in simple, customized web sites that promote small businesses and organizations. Graphics are based around your logo and are designed to draw focus to your content rather than overpowering it. See live examples of our work.

The Start-Up Build

An economical way to get your presence on the Internet. Features a two-page setup with a private email function. See our pricing page for more details.

The Expanded Build

Up to six seperate pages with an email function that keeps your email address private. Also included is Google registration, a map to your location, and more. See our pricing page for more details.

Site Hosting

We can host your site for you ($5/mo) or set you up with your own space at Best Web Host which, from our own experience, has a very high customer service record. Their service includes many amenities such as your own email addresses, data bases, web site statistics, etc. There is no set-up fee. See our pricing.

Domain Regisration

We can register or transfer your domain name for you through Best Web Host which offers a high level of privacy for which other registration services charge a premium. Again, no set-up fee or overhead charges. You can be billed direct from Best Web Host or through EWNME. See our pricing.

Options and add-ons such as data bases, PayPal shopping carts, content administration pages, and more are available. See our pricing page for more details.